The Useless Advice Thread

I’ve been suffering from pain in my upper legs for a little while now and it’s particularly irksome today.

My wife has advised me to go to the doctor.

My wife IS a fucking doctor…

This reminds me of the old joke - My wife didn’t know I drank till I came home sober one night.

smart woman

Try sticking your thumb up your hole

Obviously not that smart

And soon to be widowed

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She is if he has life insurance

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Is she an upper leg doctor?

Medieval Irish history

Maybe she would’ve felt awkward if you needed to drop your pants :open_mouth:

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Amputations all round

Is this a spin on that ‘my son the doctor’ joke?

What’s an upper leg?

@The_Selfish_Giant - you can use this thread instead of your numerous Calling @Mac threads going forward

You are a lucky man to have a sex doctor for a wife, no wonder the upper legs are sore