The Vinyl Thread

Cracking album…First proper pay day in a while coming up in two weeks…I’m gonna blow a wedge on a chunk of vinyl…

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Tidying up the record collection there this morning. Came across a couple of beauties.

First a great underrated Irish heavy metal record. Fermanaghs finest.

Then this. I used to work with a kindly bunch of country ladies. I came back into work one Friday with my latest purchase under my arm. What did you buy Fagan. I was too embarrassed to tell them. Eventually they broke me. They never asked again and we never spoke of it.

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A cracking album.

What a day…


Ah that is a lovely selection. That’s Unrale listening altogether.

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Tremendous - on both counts.

Now you’re talking CM - sure bates the pants off that Coldplay malarkey.

Jesus lads - ye’re whetting my appetite here. Looking forward to getting the living room done so I can get the music collection out on the shelves. Some nice vinyls in the mix - CCR, Clash, Manics (Slash and Burn on 12" vinyl - something else). Great thread. Hope to contribute here early 2016.


Lovely stuff. I dropped into one of my favourite record shops there during the week, Croco Disc in Paris and purchased a stack of soundtracks and krautrock rarities.


Nice one. Gave the young lad his first taste of The Scorpions tonight and he seemed to enjoy it.

Always love shopping for music on the continent - different tastes mean more hidden gems for me! Remember picking up Sultans of Ping FC and 3 Colours Red albums for pennies.

You know what I found yesterday in the parents place. The original “Now thats what I call music” in vinyl. Id say twas one of my first purchases. Must be worth a few bob?

About 15 bob mike.

I know some of my Manics vinyl singles are worth a pretty penny (one was over £60 last time I checked), but I’d find it very hard to part with any of my music collection.

Think I ll treat myself to a record player for Christmas. I have a hape of vinyl lps st home. Huey lewis Adam and the ants, Springsteen, Billy Joel and a load more

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Given that there were about 5 million of them pressed I’d imagine 15 bob is a a bit optimistic.

My late uncle left a treasure trove of vinyl, here of which is a small selection.


A good record player deserves better than that shite (other then Springsteen who has some good moments among the shite).


Picked this up yesterday…a classic.


Decent records shops for picking up vinyl

  1. Tower. New stuff pricy.
  2. Spindizzy Georges Arcade. Second hand and new, pricy
  3. Rage records Fade St second hand and new, pricy.
  4. Rainbow records, Waterford, Michael St. Second hand. Generally cheap. Good for soundtracks, musicals and 70s/80s fare. Genuine classics and rarities thin on the ground.
  5. Charity shops. Vincent de Paul on Sean McDermott St has a ton of records. And they are dirt cheap. Mostly it operates as a truly depressing reminder of the utter dross that made its way through the doors of the average Irish household in the 70s and 80s. Thousands of those albums of Top of the Pops covers by session musicians with scantily clad young wans on the cover. Thousands of James Last records. Almost nothing worth purchasing.

Any more?

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