The Vinyl Thread

Conscious of @TheUlteriorMotive s disapproval of my posting about this subject matter in the Things that are Right thread I will post my musings on matters vinyl in this dedicated thread henceforth.
First up an album by one of my favourite recording artists - Isaac Hayes. The album dates from 1971 and is one of the surest ways to seduce a beautiful woman. It also features one of my favourite album covers.


A classic soundtrack.


Great stuff @Fagan ODowd

I can’t add much to this thread only Bryan Adams’ Reckless.

[QUOTE=“farmerinthecity, post: 1145504, member: 24”]Great stuff @Fagan ODowd

I can’t add much to this thread only Bryan Adams’ Run to You.[/QUOTE]
A great song.

I mistakenly thought the album was called that but I hence edited my post.

An old twelve inch single from the back of the collection for @balbec

I’ve been buying the odd vinyl over the last year building it up and I’m treating myself to a record player when I finish my thesis. So far have Beatles, Jam,Sade, Smith’s, Carol King, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, Pogues, Clash + surprise guests…

Released on vinyl for the first time there last month.


And a lovely 45 here from 1980

For the weekend that’s in it a beautiful record from Waterford’s finest, Portlaw’s Kate Bush.

[ATTACH=full]3095[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]3096[/ATTACH]

Having a laid back vinyl night here. Started with a bit of Ry Cooder

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Then a lovely bit of Gershwin

Then this classic

Scratched one of my favourite records there while cleaning it.


Carole King’s Tapestry blaring here with a few times in me…

Listening to a classic here. On orange and black vinyl too.


Lovely bit of Stereolab now.

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That’s amazeballs CM. I was only just about that I had listened to this beauty from beginning to end for the first time since the 1980s and found it a wonderful listen.

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