The Vote on Directly Elected Mayors

Seems us in god’s County , Waterford and cork have to vote on this .

I am veering toward a no here

I’m looking to forward to Ken bring elected mayor of Waterford


Seems like an awful waste of money when most authorities in these cities already have a CEO in place.


I’d vote for a mayor if it meant getting rid of that Keegan cunt.

Can we vote for the CEO instead. Would make a lot more sense

Desperately needed for Dublin. The 4 CCs are a joke.

The fact that the main parties are in favour of a directly elected Mayor has me suspicious.

Looks like another expensive tab for the tax payer to pick up.

On the one hand it would be useful to have one person accountable for certain issues but if a mug gets elected he or she is there for a few years and will be untouchable.

Leaning towards voting No.

What about costs?

Under the Government’s proposals, these new mayors would receive a salary of about €130,000 a year given the extended executive powers and responsibilities, and can also appoint two advisers.

The cost of running each office of directly-elected mayor could be between €313,000 and €450,000 annually


A lot of the Ex Munster players are backing it on twitter should sway you

I’d expect this to be rejected.

Is this the kick the government referendum to allow the divorce referendum to pass ?

If Cork for example vote in favour but the overall vote rejects it does that mean Cork get to elect their own while the others don’t?

I don’t know .

It’s 3 separate independent votes I think

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Am I correct in saying this isn’t a constitutional referendum ?

There is no referendum commission giving info on this

This isn’t a referendum. It’s a plebiscite. Not legally binding.
It’s all a bit Irish. Do you want a mayor? Well what’ll he do? Eh we haven’t sorted that out yet but do you want one or not?
The local councilors are all against it as they enjoy passing the chain around amongst themselves. I think in principle it’s a good idea but they need to have real power. In reality I fear all the power would remain with the CEO so we just have another expensive useless cunt.

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Imagine letting the townies vote for a directly elected Mayor with the power to set their own budget.
The country will be broke in 10 years time with all the inquires that will need to be held to investigate the corruption that will emanate.

I will be voting no anyway.

Why any taxpayer would vote to bring in yet another political office is beyond me. Can you imagine the absolute wankers that would be running.

I wonder…

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