The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread

I hate to say this on TFK, but we’re gonna need more information


We need our Western Correspondents on this

A 96-week ban was handed out to the adult and Castlebar were awarded the victory, however, upon appeal, the ban was reduced to two games, while Westport were reinstated into the competition.

That’s some swing

@Blake what’s the scoop


A little nugget from that match report shows Tom Byrne in the 11 jersey for Kiltimagh.
Going full @Cheasty on it this is the same Big Tom who came on to the Mayo minors in the Minor final of 1978 with 10 to go, time and tide ebbing away and a deficit of 6 points. They got a great goal to give them hope before Byrne punched a high lobbing ball to the net prior to tearing through and burying a blockbuster. The Dubs were shell shocked and Mayo prevailed by 4.

Tom subsequently had a few runs with the seniors but never repeated the feat and drifted away from the scene by the time he was 23/4.