The Weather Thread


Who actually likes it when the weather is like this? I think it’s a pain in the @rse. I’m stuck in an office all day so it might as well be snowing outside for all I care. You get all these happy people in work then, thinking it’s great because it’s not raining, who gives a sh!t?! You’re chained to a desk you knob.


Do you not have a life after work?




I got IOTM for a similar comment last summer. Back then I was stuck out in an Industrial Estate in Sandyford, now I am working in Dublin City Centre and I am just back from a stroll through The Green.

I love this fooking weather!! thumbsup



Fire on the fan, happy out, hurling some ball tonight, happy as a pig in shite, what else would you like to be at on a day like today? Bit o sport, spot some birds on way to and fro, few beers after.

Ah fuck it, what recession?


Its a day like today that makes me think that being unemployed has its upside. I've just been in the park and seen these godforsaken fooks soaking it all in. Coonts.


Great weather for general outdoor activites, I plan on doing a lot of fishing this week.


think your job could be the problem...not the weather..


What are you fishing for?


Brown trout.


had a great stroll up town at lunchtime and there is some serious talent about. What's not to like about the weather?


What sort of tackle would you use?


Wet flies, tied onto a bubble. I wouldn't have the patience to learn proper fly fishing. I only go down there because it's a good way to relax in the evenings.


the brown trout is an alright sort


Not a fan of this weather in Ireland at all. While a couple of days sun is the business I couldn't stick weeks or months of a good summer here.

The parks or beaches that Ben walks come all weathers are filled with male cunts wearing flowery three quarter length shorts with no shirts on. Get the fook out of my park.

The southside section of the Dart is full of Northside muffin top working class families with bags of 1c coins for the slots in Bray so that punters coming home from work can't get a seat.

The smoking areas in boozers are full of non smokers, Bulldoze KPMG actually complained last night about him breathing in my smoke. Prick!

Irish houses generally don't have air conditioning, this makes for sleepless nights.

This weather just doesn't suit our culture in my opinion.


If we had good weather all the time our women might look after themselves a bit better knowing that they would be wearing skimpy clothes come the summer time. As it is they don't have the incentive to keep themselves as toned as birds in hot foreign places.


Ah Benny the weathers class. I live in Galway and we've had the volvo boat race going on as well which to my my pleasant surprise has been a roaring success. The buzz has been amazing the last week or so. The city ran out of pint bottles on Saturday night, was worse than fookin race week, The women have truly excelled themselves as well, fair fooks to them. Its been great and the sun coming out has really topped it all off beautifully:thumbsup:


Jaysus Ben. You and Link would be great mates. Maybe you should join him in the 1940s.


I was in Galway for three weeks and left the day that Boat Race things started. Bit of a buzz developing even at that stage and was dying to go on a session.

It seems to me that Galway never needs an excuse for a session anyway. Heading back down soon enough for a weekend.

A great spot.


Keep saying I'll go for race week one of these years and haven't yet. This weather might tip the scales. Surely the talent wuill be epic if the weather during race week is half as good as it is now.