The weather

It has been so bad that:-

I have only had had one pint bottle of bulmers this summer;

I have yet to see a single wasp; and

I haven’t seen a charlo from the inner city cycling around town (in an inapproriate gear) with no top on.

Like I used to think that only old people and sad bastards commented on the weather but it’s really getting me down.

I don’t even play any fag outdoor sports like golf or lawn bowling where good weather adds to the enjoyment of the game but it’s very depressing when you can’t stroll into town after work without getting soaked.

I only recall one summer evening having a few pints outside in the sun and that’s a shame.

This is some shite from Dublin City Council.

“HOME extensions and paving front lawns for car parking added to this week’s flooding, Dublin City Council claimed.”

Did the Council notice 1. That there were no floods in the City Centre and that there isn’t a square inch of garden in there or 2. One of the worst floods which recurs every year is at the bottom of the Howth Rd opposite Fairview Park which comprises acre upon acre of unpaved grass.

Did this thread lose a few hundred pages?

Ya they just deleted all your horse shit

Nah, the weather thread is a LImierck thread for Limerick people mate. Seems Fagan bumped the wrong thread. Great contribution though, I can tell you’re going to be an asset around here. We’re never full of bullshitters.



The lad is only here a wet week and he already knows who the dickheads are.
Ah boy Tommy :clap:


In fairness a blind man would have this lad found out in a few seconds. A total no hoper

Just what the internet needed, another hard man.

Not a hard man at all. I just have this uncanny ability to sus out dickheads very quickly. I didn’t need to use any of that ability for you though, it wasn’t very difficult.

Anyhow I call things as I see them, you’ll have to get used to that for as long as I stay around, so get used to it. Don’t bother replying thanks

I’ll do my own thing mate.

As for the rest of it

Just what you’d expect an internet hardman to say.


Tommy cleaning house

pissing down here since 12 o clock

Apparently the cold weather will begin on Wednesday .

Heard friday ?? didn’t the long range forecast sunday

:clap: :clap: :clap:

It is fucking freezing here. 16 degree’s, cold wind, raining. Its the middle of summer, it should be 38 degrees with 99% humidity and no wind at all until the massive storm at night. Forecast for the rest of the week for Sydney is a max 25 degrees, showers every day.

The oul boys in Boston, says its lovely there, like a warm spring, they should be under 6 feet of snow. There are daffodils, daffodils, growing in the Scilly Isles, in December.

Fucking hell.