The who is going in to work versus who is (Not)WFH/taking AL tomorrow thread?

Dunno how to do a poll but trying to gauge how many are going in to work tomorrow versus those who will be WFH, taking leave (paid or unpaid), etc.

I’m WFH but it’ll be a stripped down version of my normal working life. All my extra work (tommers) I’m putting on hold as they require social contact, including word I got last week of a decent chunk of funding for a piece of work over in Argentina (which I’m going to postpone until 2021 if the cunts are fighting with each other again)

Wfh til april

Working. Full day out and about

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Im going in but will wash my hands at least 3 million times during the day

  • WFH?
  • WFW?
  • What’s work?

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Have no choice have to wfh. I believe they plan on everyone wfh by end of day Wednesday.


Thanks bud :+1:

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Going to our office tomorrow. We may not have a lot of work to do by the end of the week though. April will be tough

We are closed tomorrow.

Back in Wednesday :upside_down_face:

Mrs got word tonight that they’ll be closed from tomorrow and they’ll need to contact social protection

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Best of luck. Two of us own and run the business, no employees thankfully as we use subbies but not long enough on the go to have significant reserves.

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How much of the country do you cover?

Are you not a mad cunt to be doing that Mike? None of my business but you have an underlying condition if rumours are to be believed. I appreciate you’re an important part of the supply chain but would you not take a while off?

WFH doing US hours to cover IQ, OQ and UAT had planned to do it before this whole crisis. Was meant to be in the US next week for the second half of it but that is out the window.

Draw a line between Dublin and Galway and I have everything below that line

WFH for foreseeable future. Usually had done a day or two a week so well geared up for it. Not a massive fan tbh


It’s all manageable in our situation. Mrs is only back working and not earning a lot anyway, and when this thing blows over, there’ll be work there again for her. I’m protected throughout this mess. I feel for anyone who has a business. Best wishes mate

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I’m going in tomorrow to tidy up a few things, but I’ll probably work from home for a few weeks after that. The crèche is closed so we’ll have to both half work, half mind the baby.
I think I’ll have very little to do anyway with things as they are

Best of luck.

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