The who is going in to work versus who is (Not)WFH/taking AL tomorrow thread?

He’s lining up the Johnny Glynn T&Cs early.

I can’t send ye cunts yere rochers from home ye hungry fuckers

The 5pm-6pm slot on the pitch is busier than ever.

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Anyone have a walking pad under their desk?

Wouldn’t mind one when stuck on inconsequential meetings

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@Bandage has one

Edit: sorry i see it says walking pad


I seriously considered getting one but decided that for these nonsense calls, where I’m neither offering input or on-camera, that I could simply go for a stroll around the locality while on mute.

Now that being said, if you can get your ergonomics department to sign off on covering the expenses for the walking pad, I’d say go for it. If adjustable standing desks are approved you have them backed into a lovely health and safety corner.

No shit

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I’ve never thought about this, not a bad shout.

I hope your happy with yourselves now.

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My boss was Mr. McGee
He told me several times that he didn’t like my kind
'Cause I was a bit too leisurely

Day 3. I just told her there was no gaps in my performance.


You’ve received great feedback on your posting TV Guide performance

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Might want another go at cropping out the company name in the corner

fuck :joy:

Your secrets safe with me :joy:

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Pat McDonagh glad of the promotion I’d say


Spraying aftershave in the icon is respectable.