The Winning Streak Thread

Is there a better 30 seconds of TV than when they introduce the contestants on Winning Streak and they wave gormlessly at the camera? Epic television which always brings a smile to my face.

Marty and Sinead compliment each other wonderfully and never get vexed with the roasters and inner city simpletons who appear on it.

A great show for people watching. Please post all news, thoughts and speculation in relation to Winning Streak on this thread



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Really grating voice on the she weirdo from Cork.

Some ape of a young fella with his fringe gelled to his forehead sporting a San Antonio spurs Jersey in the crowd. Looks a right gome

I’d love to go on it, but I’ve never bought a ticket…

It would be an epic show to be on. No real skill or intellect needed just pure luck and even if you are an utter fool you are guaranteed a five figure sum.

Only in ireland


That made me laugh out loud :sweat_smile:

This has the potential to be a phenomenal thread

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Sinead has a lovely tight burgundy skirt on her this evening. Plenty of fine shots of her from behind so far. Grand hole on her


Sinead has a great body on her but that’s about all she has going for her

This baldy fella is an awful drip. Hope he gets fuck all and a ball of shit compact car

This one looks like an awful slag. She’s from Cork and plays rugby.

She’s very fond of the camera

Christ if she mentioned Tuam one more time!!!

I’d say they are a pair of Cork lesbians.

“D’ye know wha lads?”

How did that one get on TV?

An girl who mentions the Kinsale 7’s is to be avoided like the plague

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This one has some space between her front teeth.

Fella half the head of Danny Healy Ray sitting behind the granny in the crowd. Two shirt buttons undone too

Marty Whelan is a great broadcaster.

Your one Sinead is only a Cark sicko.

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