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Well this will be a landslide.

If you didn’t count the votes for the wire The sopranos would win



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I think there could be a healthy market for a few polls where we decide who was the best Wire character.

A wire world cup if you will

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There could. Be Omar would be hard bet you’d think

Oh lovely.

That would be a tremendous idea. Good man Mick

You know the difference between a debate and a vote don’t you?

Would anybody be able to enlighten me on say the way in the wire almost nobody that got done for murders went snitching ie Chris or webay or bird but in the sopranos almost anybody that got caught doing anything turned into an informant.

Would this be an accurate reflection off the mob v the gangster types in the wire? It’s also noticeable how the lads In the sopranos were living the high life but in the wire even the likes of Avon or Marlo weren’t exactly living the life.

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Only Tony and a few others were living the high life. The rest were just about getting by but not dirt poor like African Americans depicted in the Wire. The Mafia is/was full of informers and rats. There was a time when there wasn’t, maybe when people were truly poor in a way black people still are, but since the 70s no one is willing to do hard time.

One had the Mafia, the other didn’t. I think it’s as straightforward as that.

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It’s just interesting I thought. The loyalty of the lads in the wire was unreal. No real friendships though.

Some fella went away and did a study on it and something like 90% of lads slinging drugs were making less than minimum wage. It is a pure pyramid scheme. They are just seeing the lads at the top with the power the women and the bling and hoping they can get there.

There was a major attempt to break up the mob in the states that was largely successful, those who turned state informant were put in witness protection etc. But there’s a huge cost to that.
They aren’t arsed doing the same for the normal drug dealers so if you helped the cops you are signing a death warrant. That’s my take on it anyway.

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Why did they want to break up the mob so much?

And Narconomics. Both good reads