The world cup nostaglia thread

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Recent article by Barney Ronay, in which he is very, very easy on the horrific tackling, especially by Terry Fenwick, that day.

Take that Jerry. That’s two World Wars and one World Cup.

They were showing Italy v Brazil 1982 there the other night. Zico was very overrated. He set up a goal for Socrates about 10 minutes in. After that Claudio Gentile didn’t give him a kick of it and he went missing.

Nostaglia ain’t what it used to be

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He was a player, as a young lad, you’d always want to be when you played football on the green.

For these sorts of moments

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Argentina put on a few exhibitions in 06, Riquelme really to the fore.

Oliver Kahn leaving his gloves in the goal at full-time in 02’ after Ronaldo did them in the final

BBC 4 now. Cameroon 1990.

Be great to have the version where Dunphy & Giles drew the spit on the screens.

Graeme Souness rates him as the best he’s played against

Graeme Souness called Boumsong a thoroughbred.

France v Kuwait 1982

Porn but in football form

Absolutely sensational. Last 8 of a World Cup. Hard to believe it at times still. Lucky to have experienced it. Not sure we’ll ever see it again.