The Worst Air Quality in Ireland top 10 (fixing this is an attack on rural Ireland)

source of this graph?

Apertum Air Analytics

Give a read at the link above. The data is basically worthless.

Are the sensors accurate?

Yes - generally. They are very expensive high quality scientific instruments, the values have been cross checked with low cost sensors and when the EPA sensors report high values it will tend to be on still, cold nights when people are burning coal and turf. If they are reporting values over 100 then it will be noticeably smokey. It is possible that a single reading will be spurious, maybe someone sitting by the sensor having a smoke, perhaps just a weird error. The EPA have a disclaimer on the data that specifically advises that sharp spikes should be treated with caution. We are throwing caution to the wind and using them anyway, so do bear that in mind.


perhaps just a weird error

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Looks like libraries are very unsafe places.


muldoons happy to kill asthmatic kids in their locality as having clean air is an attack on rural Ireland

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You’d want your head examined to live in a Munster county

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It’s like something a few TY students threw together.

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this isn’t working very well at the moment :smiley:

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