The Wuhan Clan - Tony Holohan's Having a House Party

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If this thing goes another 12 or 18 months there’ll be no 2021 AI champions

If it goes another 12-15 months, a 2021 All-Ireland football championship would definitely take place. If it lasted 18 months, which is September 2021, there would very likely be an All-Ireland football championship squeezed in, possibly on a knockout format.

When restrictions are lifted people will be itching for live sport and the GAA will definitely be itching for cash.

I believe they have a regional office in New York.


Inversion. Wonderful stuff.

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Lads pulling on the man rather then the ball.

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He’s hoping people die mike so he can have a go at Boris and trump. Enough is enough.

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I wasn’t referring to you chief. I’m just saying in general.


That’s the tunnel the Waterford bus got stuck in before the 2008 final.

Fuck up you and mind yourself.

It’s the Limerick way.

You’ve disgraced yourself there

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Is that why ye got a Limerick man to manage ye?

Is there a possibility this could be a total shutdown or is it more likely to do with the EU announcement?

Fuck knows at this stage. It seems to be changing every hour

I’d say given day that is in it it will be a call to arms and some form of morale booster with supports announced.

Something some bit positive to throw out there mate. Nothing more than that, unfortunately.

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It’s either that or some aid package or both

I hope the aid package isnt debt based. For me that would be disgraceful.