The XX Empire Games - Glasgow 2014

Big blow to the Glasgow Empire Games Organising Committee (GEGOC) this morning with with the news that the Gambia has pulled out of the Empire, and thus will not compete.

However organisers are hopeful of being in a position to announce by the end of the week that British beat combination The xx will headline the opening ceremony at Celtic Park.

It makes sense for all parties.

This thread has really built the excitement very nicely over the last nine months, and the big day is finally here.

Glasgow’s Celtic Park tonight plays host to the Opening Ceremony of the XX British Empire Games.

Organisers have promised “a uniquely Glaswegian” theme for the ceremony, which will be opened by Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, and witnesses to last week’s dress rehearsal say the show will rival Danny Boyle’s epic 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. “Informed sources” say Rab C. Nesbitt, Frankie Boyle, chips, deep fried confectionery, Buckfast, pubs with metal shutters, sectarian hate mail, tower blocks and men with very short hair, lots of tattoos and wearing Reebok classic runners inexplicably shouting “see you, pal (paauuwwwww)”, will feature heavily,

I wonder are the Red Road flats still being demolished as part of this?

The Rugby Sevens should be a good laugh.
Looking forward to New Zealand facing the might of Barbados.

Paddy Barnes collecting his Commonwealth Gold on BBC1 right now. A proud day for the wee man who has captained the Norn Iron team at this event.

Danny Boy rings proudly around the Glasgow arena :smiley: :clap:

Michael Conlon boxing now.

And Conlon secures another gold for Norn Iron :clap:

I watched the final of the 10k meters last night. A fair to middling race with a very close finish. An annoying issue concerned those who were about to be lapped, including 2 dopey cunts in the back straight. These fuckers wouldn’t pull/step to the outer lanes, forcing the main protagonists to jostle past them/through them while focussing on their own performances. One of the Kenyan chappies however grabbed one of the fuckers and swung him out of his path-flight. I’d have tumbled the hoor onto the pitch if I had my way.
Has athletics lost it’s Olympian soul, or are some of these members of the Commonwealth just bread-van chasers.

Great day for Irish baxin.


Aboy Paddy :smiley:

Our swim coach’s niece won a two silvers and a bronze in the pool. I’m delighted for her. She now has two weeks completely off before starting her training for Rio. I kid you not. She has been given her programme which includes a full training session on Christmas Day.