The Yowza! Yowza! Thread

Bandage is a w@nker - Yowza! Yowza!

Rock is a square head, loser - Yowza! Yowza!

The Puke is an inbred bogger - Yowza! Yowza!

This website is weak - Y! Y!

I could kill manus boyle - Y! Y!

Yeeeeee haw!

Get up the yard! Yarrrrup!

Wha hey! Banter! Up Benny Shermin!

Yowza Yowza!

Oy! Oh! Lets go!
Oy! Oh! Lets go!


Yawn? Yes. But he is funny.

yeah not haha funny but more kind of a drunk on the dance floor funny…just sit back and watch him make a tit out of himself but he thinks he has the moves…

He’s bound to come up with something original any day now…

Uh oh! Blow-in-Bogger Attack!