'There's Only One Taliban'

Rocko and I were standing outside Glasgow International Airport having a couple of victory cigars at about 9pm last night and the place was busy enough with people arriving at the airport and many others getting off flights.

Anyway, this lad in army uniform walked past and seeing our scarves enquired about the score of the game. ‘3-2 Celtic’, we replied and he rolled his eyes and made a gesture with his hand.

There was a few other Celtic supporters there smoking and one of the bhoys shouted over at him, ‘Fook off back to Iraq ya cooont’ and yer man stopped, turned around and went, ‘I was in Afghanistan actually.’

This prompted our esteemed administrator to burst into a ‘There’s only one Taliban’ chant and about 10 seconds later there was 10 or so of us belting it out raucously and yer man was still standing there giving us the finger.

It was probably a ‘you had to be there moment’ but loads of other randomers and tourists were walking in and out of the airport and they’re met by the sight of 10 pissed Irish fooks jumping, singing and dancing in praise of the Taliban while some British Army fook is standing there giving us the finger.

'Twas fooking funny stuff.

There was also a quality incident in Jury’s Inn after the Munster game at about 5.30pm. A big Celtic contingent were there having a few pinits in the hotel bar and next thing a bus pulled up outside at the traffic lights with an assortment of huns on board. So everyone promptly started jumping and dancing around, waving and smiling at the fooks and giving them the finger including auld wans and stuff too. The big solemn heads on the huns were hilarious but the auld wans really getting into it and joining in the ‘get it right fooking up you ya cooonts’ message was fairly funny too.

Anybody else want to take this one on?

It was extremely funny alright Bandage. Fair play to the other lads for joining in and your man really had no answer but the passers by were the best part - the looks of utter comtempt from those of a hun persuasion were reward in themselves.

Nobody’s ‘taken this on’ yet. Are you going to take it on yourself Flano?


Hotel incident funny, airport incident not a bit funny. It’s an insult to all the brave soldiers who have given their lives in the fight against terrorism. It’s also an insult to one of your own people, a Catholic Irishman named Ian Malone, a Ballyfermot resident who joined the British Army to fight against terrorism, sadly he died during battle in Iraq.

While you might have thought this chant was funny after a few pints, it’s not. There’s no banter whatsoever in chanting in support of a terrorist organisation responsible for the deaths and suffering of innocent punters, be it the IRA, ETA or the Taliban. I’m sure the randomers in the airport now hold the Irish people in high regard!!

This thread has reconfirmed my belief that Celtic supporters are absolute scum, no better or no worse than Rangers supporters. In fact both Glasgow Rangers and Celtic support should be made extinct, hatred and sectarianism is at the core of their so called banter and frankly there’s no room for it in an Ireland and Britain that are at peace with each other.

Do you seriously think I should feel sorry for an Irish man who died fighting for the British Army? Are you insane? Maybe if he hadn’t decided to take the blood money to join an occupying and murdering force he wouldn’t have paid the ultimate price. The fact that he did means I have no sympathy whatsoever for him or any other mercenary like him.

‘There’s only one Taliban!’

I agree with Bandage on the Irish man in the British Army. He shouldnt have joined in the first place no sympathy at all for him, traitor is a label I’d assign to him. But the Taliban are are total scum. Praising the Taliban is abhorrent and it disgusts me.

That’s the thing Flano. I’m not what you’d call an ardent Taliban supporter. It was a simply a get it right fooking up you to a British soldier prick who had given us the ‘wanky’ gesture with his hand. Ben’s point about supporting the British army because an Irish guy died fighting for them is still making me laugh. If there’s Irish guys in an other despicable regimes should we support them too? And Ben, I don’t go to Glasgow on behalf of Brd Filte, I go to support Celtic. As HBK said to Dave Batista lately, and I paraphrase, ‘If some British army fook wants some, then let’s see if wants to come get some.’

Agreed. You’re wrong in your even less than ardent support of the Taliban Bandage. Actually your stance is ridiculous - and so is your opinion on this. Boom boom.

I look at things primarily from an Irish perspective. Maybe if the Taliban had inflicted the same level of murder, enslavement, torture, rape, pillaging etc. as the British Army did in this country then I’d have greater disdain for them. Alas, they didn’t and so I don’t. Looking on things on a global scale, the oppression and colonialisation of Britain is vast and, in comparison, the Taliban would barely register on their scale. That’s not to say the Taliban aren’t a terrible regime themselves but I’m firmly up for them in their bouts with the British Army. My only hope is Ross Kemp doesn’t get killed in the crossfire as I like his documentaries.

PS: Appendage is a fool.


Why do you call the British army in Afghanistan ‘murderers’?

Do you not think that they are correct in their solidarity with the USA on the War on Terror and particularly in the pursuit of Bin Laden, the man primarily responsible for heinous crimes against the West and who is/was sheltered to some extent by the Taliban?

Not saying you are wrong - just genuinely interested…

Shermin’s post is so wrong it is actually funny.

Like Flango and Bandage I couldn’t give a shite about your man from Ballyfermot. What the fuck did he join the British Army for? He joined to “see some action” no doubt and that’s what he got.

I’m no ardent fan of the Taliban either - but I don’t think they’ve committed more atrocities against Ireland than the Brits have so don’t see why my loyalties would be to the crown. There’s a general effort on behalf of the US to paint this war as “west” (i.e. civilization) against the religious fanatics. The truth is that the religious fanatics never attacked anyone except the US until the recent wars started - they’ve since attacked Spain and Britain who also participated in the war. Until then all they’d done was attack the US - the one occupying force in their region. And we’re told it was an attack on western values! It was in its hole - it was an attack on an imperialist force.

I tend to live in the present lads and as such the Taliban et al are the threat, not Great Britain.

That was exactly Ball Ox’s argument - he used to say to me ‘Which is the biggest threat to you - USA or Al Qaeda?’ Therefore I should support USA on the grounds that they do not directly threaten me…

A completely stupid and irrelevant question…

Al Qaeda would not be a threat was not for the USA…

And just because USA may not be a threat to Ireland does not make what they did, in Iraq in particular, right…

PS Flano maybe come up with your own argument just for once…

Busy this afternoon but just a quick one on Farmer’s question and I’ll come back to it later or tomorrow, I don’t accept under any circumstances that there’s a ‘War On Terror’. Therefore, I don’t approve of or support the British Army’s ‘work’ in Afghanistan. They also have a history of indiscrimate killing in any of the countries they invade (as well we know given their proven collusion with loyalist forces here) so I regard the people they kill as victims of murder.

Would you call the US soldiers ‘murderers’ as well?

PS Flano maybe come up with your own argument just for once…[/quote]

Go and fook

You have me tied all ends up with that - I don’t know what to say now…

Of course. They’re in effect in the process of ethnically cleansing Iraq over the period of the last 6 years.