Things I have a renewed interest in

I use to love snooker growing up. I would play most lunch times in 5th and 6th year. Would take the occasional Friday afternoon off aswell.

Off to college and would play most days either in the common room in UCC, mardyke or the Vic. The latter been a favourite.

Got more involved in playing poker and gambling during my last couple of years in UCC.

Drifted away from snooker and outside of World Championship would watch very little. A spell abroad obviously contributed to this.

In past couple of years, I have fallen back in love with snooker. Fact that there is so many tournaments on TV is a big factor.

I actually found myself more interested in watching the selby vs ronnie final on sunday instead of the hurling.


I heard the viewing figures for the hurling final was a record low. Maybe everyone was watching the snooker


People are sick of Rugby dressed up as Hurling more like


The UK Championship is ridiculously drawn out. Very hard to keep interest in it.

It was only a makey uppey all Ireland. You cant beat being there as the saying goes. The Limerick lads get to toast the success at home with the wife and kids screaming at them. If they are lucky they get to pour themselves a whiskey like a bachelor farmer in rural Ireland on his own cut off from civilisation. No homecoming, no cup. Hopefully in 2021 we can have a real All Ireland.

Thats interesting though. Apart from the usual hilarious set positions taken here by lads I wonder what the reason for it being lower than other years is? Realistically you’d imagine it would be higher as people have fuck all else to be doing, nobody is on holidays, 80k who’d usually be in stadium were watching on telly and it was a novel pairing.

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Lack of star quality, bar Gleeson there was little there to capture any real public attention

I’d say 100% of the Limerick players wouldn’t be recognised in Dublin

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Unless they played for Munster one time I’d say 100% of the Limerick players wouldn’t be recognised in Limerick

Not sure on that really. How low were the ratings? Might be a warning about moving the finals too far from their traditional slots.

They will get over it . The same folk in Dublin wouldn’t recognise Will O Donoghue or Cian Lynch also wouldn’t recognise , Liam Scales or Lee Grace and even Jack Byrne! would be iffy .

The EPL is the real show in Dublin

Jack Byrne would be recognised

Small enough recognition I would think which is sad .

I’d say you’re wrong there. All the daycent people living inside the pale are all either good culchie stock or first/second generation of same. Sure the native methadone head dub lot wouldn’t recognise their own mothers. The crayturs.

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Dublin is multicultural now mate. The muldoins have gone. On my street there are fingalians, Dubs, Americans, Australians, polish but no muldoons


Would you believe the English football team get more viewers in Ireland

necko williams is their new propect

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Are there many methadonians?

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