Things I have learned to hate because of TFK

Ballybricken Bohermore GAA club. They have really sickened my hole with their carry on tonight. A right fucking bunch of smugeens if ever there was one.


I’d say the photos of the presentation were great.




“They are a great bunch of lads”. They’re a fucking junior B football team from Limerick. They’re probably the emptyings of a nursing home. And some cunt is claiming credit for training them. It was probably like a scene from Cocoon.


Carryharry the cunt

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I was just going to post that very that very thing.

Ulster Football
Italian Soccer
Silk shirts

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i) Showers
ii) Sex
iii) Roscommon

i) and iii) are contradictions here, but what are you going to do.

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Rugby League
NH racing
Tom Brady
The Glasgow Celtics soccerball club.
Nordie bogball
Craft Beer
John Delaney
Rugby Union

You odious little fucker.


What did those Wexford jersey wearing cunts do?

They will probably organise a dinner dance to give out the medals.

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They have nothing won yet

Ray darcy.
Jerry Ryan.
Blendies or smoothies or whatever the fuck those yokes are.

No probably about it I’d say. I’ve heard inquiries have been made to the woodlands for Jan 16 already.

Capitalist Pigs and Australians.

The loos in junction 14