Things I learned today (Part 2)

Celtic player Matt O Riley plays international football for Denmark.

Jonathan Glazer directed this

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His father is from Birmingham, the caretaker at my old place is a close friend. A great lad by all accounts

Ron Livingston of Loudermilk/band of brothers fame is married to Cinderella man’s (James J. Braddock) granddaughter. She played the neighbour in said movie.


Sydney Sweeney produced Immaculate and Anyone But You.

Anyone But You has currently made in excess of 200 million USD off of a 25 million budget.

Immaculate off a budget of 9 million has set a box office record for its Indie Studio NEON for opening weekend. Not a whole lot but not bad for a studio with Academy Award nominees including Parasite, Triangle of Sadness, and, most recently, Anatomy of a Fall, with the former ultimately winning the Best Picture Oscar in 2020. Michael Mann’s Ferrari previously held a record for the studio’s highest-grossing opening weekend when it grossed over $3.9 million at the domestic box office during its Christmas 2023 release.

Sydney is no daw.


Made loads of Guinness ads and other ones too


Dionne Warwick, upset with misogyny in rap lyrics, once set up a meeting with Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight at her home, where she demanded that they call her a “bitch” to her face

Snoop Dogg later said, “I believe we got out-gangstered that day.”


the bass break in the middle of “you can call me Al” is a musical palindrome: only the first half of it was recorded, the recording was then played backwards and stitched together with the first half


When creating Michael Myers, the prop department of ‘Halloween’ (1978) had to use a low-budget Star Trek mask of William Shatner, which was spray-painted white, had the hair teased, and the eyeholes reshaped.

Shatner was unaware of his likeness being used until years later.


Gilbert O’Sullivan and Gilbert & Sullivan are different people


One thing that’s bothered me for a bit which seems to be massively exaggerated on here Vs normal Irish people is a rejection of belonging, heritage, unique customs and culture and ways. General rejection of last significant blocks of time and ancestral ways.

These, to my slow intellect, are all the main pillars of communism.

I wouldnt have gotten that impression from here? There’s a lot of posters very interested in the past, customs, folklore etc. Right now I’m researching old newspaper articles to put together a profile of my great great grandfather. He was some boyo.

@boxtyeater is a massive loss in that regards.


The anti Gaeilge lobby? Cloisim thú.

Cathal “Charisma” Moore is the principal of Presentation College Athenry, a school of 1100 students.

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Anything to Charisma Carpenter?

Dr. Gary O’Driscoll is at ManUtd.


I used to always sign him on football manager off arsenal.

You can sign actual backroom staff on FM?


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Jarlath Burns played club football until the age of 52. I’d love to emulate that myself.