Things I learned today (Part 2)

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The reason they have stopped the lotto at €19m is because by spending €21m you would win it.

Total bollox, should never been sold



Does the unused roll over amount actually filter down in prizes? It’s supposed to isn’t it

Yer man in centra would have some pain in his hole printing off the quick picks if you arrived in to spend 21million

It’s v suspicious that they are having this run since it was privatised but I don’t think the odds have changed

They added two numbers didn’t they?

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A quick Google suggests they did. Iv never done the lotto I’d say. If you asked me I would have said there was 39 numbers… Its 47…forty fucking seven!!!

I thought the Spanish owned it?
When did the Canadian teachers take over?

So does the money not go to worthy causes now if it is privatised?

I think it was in the sake contract that x amount had to go to good causes, but its certainly less transparent than in the past

That’s a bit shit.

60% of the varieties of food eaten globally originated in America.

Péru had 150 varieties of potato. There are 1000 words for potatoes or conditions of potatoes in the language.

It filters down to the Canadian teachers retirement fund - the crafty bastards

I’d be highly suspicious of that. Grains all came from the Middle East. All breads and all rice dishes are native to the old world.

It’s an approximation alright but seems to be a high number

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Super size me.

The main meat farmed and consumed by Red Indians on the reservations in the first half of the nineteenth century wasn’t Buffalo nor Beef, but mutton.

You’d never see an ould sheep in a western, in fairness.


The same midwife delivered Charlie Haughey and Enda Kenny’s father

Marcel marceau was in the resistance