Things I learned today (Part 2)

If TG4 wanted to bid they shouldn’t they have been given the chance?

Maybe they should have been given it for nothing?

Sure whatever you think yourself :+1:

I think we should sell our product and reinvest the money into the grassroots (Dublin).

:man_facepalming: never thought of that

In the episode entitled ‘Pine Barrens’ during the scene where Bobby walks into Juniors kitchen in his bright hunting gear and Tony starts laughing hysterically, that laugh was genuine.

James Gandolfini was concerned about the authenticity of the scene. Tony was after all forced to leave a date with Gloria Trillo. It’d take something serious to make him laugh.

He challenged Steve Schirripa to make him laugh for real.

As a result he went and bought a giant pink strap on dildo and wore it out of view of the camera.

The laugh is genuine and the rest is history.

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Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day, 12 February 1809.

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I was going to make an evolve - revolver pun, but Lincoln was shot with a pistol, so it would be historically inaccurate and I won’t have that with my puns.


State funded tv companies using state funds in a bidding war

Sky ditched the gga for a reason

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Could we say that one sparked an evolution of revolution and the other sparked a revolution of evolution?

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Today is Norway day. Their equivalent of Paddy’s day. Twigged this when I saw two lassies arrive into Il Valentino today with Norwegian flags.

The inbetweeners is very very funny

Just half way through the first episode I’ve ever seen and I’ve a pain in my head from laughing

One of the lads is trying to have sex for the first time, they’ve gone to the girlfriends sisters gaff, all the other lads have come along


You just don’t get it mate

There’s a tier 3 All Ireland Minor Football Championship.

How the mighty have fallen :cry:

There is no offical state record who has left Ireland

You can get your eye colour changed by tattooing