Things I learned today


85 people are killed by guns every day in the US.

Sunil Trepathi is missing

Muletaga is an Ethiopian name.


Everyday,s a school day.


A poster on this forum calls minor U18


This arrow beside you petrol/diesel gauge tells you what side of the car your petrol/diesel cap is.


A shocking revelation from a GAA man.


Spancill Hill is a very effective lullaby.


Fagan ODowd is usually not wrong




Badgers are hardy hoors.


That there will be bumps on the road but you must travel it regardless to reach your destination.


For Fuck Sake! Do you need to be reminded of where your fuel cap is every time you pull in for juice? I would have thought it would be at the same side every time


Never chance a 30k cycle unless you check the fcuking kids haven't been messing with the saddle bag contents, puncture and There is no fcuking phone box in tubber !


A drive a variety of different cars, you fuckin troglodyte.


Ya? What are you, a premiership footballer ?


That not one single member of AFL team I am involve with ( or at least the guys there today) has been to the US or Europe. The vast majority of the WA boys have only ever been outside Oz to Bali or thailand, many have never been to any other Australian State. WTF. It's all becoming a little bit clearer now.


FFS mbb that's like some gay post a bimbo would have on facebook


Nowlan Park was tough on me


No. It's strange you would make that assumption given my general disdain for soccer.


Sarah Palin is one thick cunt!


That's fake