Things or People that are Box Office


Huh, a square ball and a kick out straight to him


That goalie should be shot. Shite kickout and then let it drop in over his head.


Prince Philip. Your man that’s married to the queen of the uk.
There’s a list on the indo website today of his various gaffs and mistakes he’s had made over the years, someone might oblige me a post up a link.
The man is gold plated box office.


he’s a legend, some craic with a few pints in him I’d say


How twee. The roasters yelling ‘mon boy’ and that horrible tune as the backing music.


1995: “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test.” To a Scottish driving instructor.



2002: “Still throwing spears?” Question put to an Australian Aborigine during a visit.
Prince Philip speaking to Aborigine performers in 2002


2013: “The Philippines must be half empty as you’re all here running the NHS.” On meeting a Filipino nurse at Luton and Dunstable Hospital.



The description :joy:

Lee Chin is a rare talent in the sporting world, whether it be Ice Hockey, Soccer, Hurling, or Football the man excels at all sports, take a look at these two superb goals he scored at the weekend for Sarsfields


Himself and Paul Carbery would wreak the place I’d say.


Buff Egan’s dinner this evening apparently


The Munster Hurling Championship Mini League


The stadium was empty on Sunday mate


Tommy Walsh. Listening to him on the GAA show on TodayFM, he’s a gas man, loves hurling and is an inspirational character.

“What’s the message you get across when you coach the u6 team back home?”



Post & remarks flagged.


surely the fact that he flopped in the AFL is a huge blackmark against him?


Dublin GAA


That chap of the Bradley’s. Lads hang on his every word on TFK. One paragraph and they’re hopping like sausages on a George Foreman.


That Bradley lad has only gone and gotten a much coveted “ Admired poster” award for himself.

Despite being universally hated and being a boring fuckwit with an imagination that would make Walter Mitty blush he still got the award.

I can see lads going demented over this.


I’d say you’re the only one there worth a fuck, time to rattle a few cages in that old boys club (or are you one of them now??)