Things or People that are Box Office


I think your George Foreman is broken


Your jaw will be broken if you diss me. I’m a made man now.


Are they still handing admired poster awards out ? That’s cute.


You can’t spell ‘man now’ without Woman.


I’m in the top 24 of a forum with 16 posters. It’s no biggie.


This steak is box office. I’m just giving him a nice warm bath lest the heat jolt him back to life.


What are you doing that for…it was hardly a frozen steak??


The theory is that a sudden burst of heat ‘shocks’ the steak and makes it tougher. Room temperature is advised, I think warm is better


Are you sure you didn’t mix your cookbook up with your RA confessions method book?


Never heard that.


No it’s not, it’s that if you cook from chilled it doesn’t cook through properly.


God forgive you


Fair enough. What do I know


Irish Ladies Field Hockey


You’re getting fair mileage out of a cut of steak. Does the butcher have you on a sub for advertising?


Tipperary Gaa.


Joe Canning


The Limerick boyos are collectively melting down. :grin:


The Tyrone Senior Football Championship.


It was an intermediate match