Things or People that are Box Office

This casual Raoul Moat appreciation pisses me off.

He shot an innocent guy dead, shot and injured an ex girlfriend and shot a cop, blinding him and causing him to commit suicide afterwards.

But misunderstood - yeah.


A psychopathic cunt of the highest order was Raoul, but the rastoolers like to be edgy.

I think you guys are missing the recent story about him…

Dublin Senior Football Championship


Ladies Sport

Kilmacud Crokes


Fiona desperately seeking attention here.
Imagine holding your own baby on your knee.
The dedication.


I think it’s a little deeper than that. Rena is a small part of a greater world our women living in now and our girls are growing up in.

I think she’s living in the dark ages where childcare isn’t equal, outsourced, or both.
Why does she more notable for a woman with children to play sport than a man?

Because it sadly is. But not so much anymore and this is a wonderful thing.

It’s patronising guff. “photo of the year” :roll_eyes:

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Rena Buckley is a National gem

Rena must have fallen out with the mother in law, sign of a wagon.

Have to agree here. She brought a baby to a game, big whoop. Photo of the year :rofl:


That child should have ear protectors on.

Are you okay?

Are you?

I’m fine

Fuck off so.