Things or People that are Box Office

Nice edit princess.

Ear protectors :joy:

I deleted a typo. Is that what has your fanny flapping?

Inflicting the noise of 10-15k on that poor child is just wrong. The child is only about 18 months

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Only one fanny is flapping now….

The misogyny crew are out in full force here


Ya, it’s a lovely picture
She’s probably breastfeeding but either way nice pic


Probably breastfeeding :smiley:… Maybe she’s dying of cancer too and it’s the only time they’ll be at a game together and the child will only have this picture to remember the day by as it weeps every ladies all Ireland day…

Of course it’s a nice picture. No one said it wasn’t.

Jesus, are you alright?


If we’d have had smartphones back in the day and social media, we’d probably have seen young Shane or Pat on the lads knees in the studio. Great stuff. Sunday was a powerful day in the stadium, our women are the best of us.

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Are you ok?

In laois you are correct.

What do you mean?

The Queen

Elon Musk


Roddy Collins

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Ronan Lynch

Castlemahon GAA



The Republic of Ireland’s FIFA Women’s World Cup opener against Australia in July looks set to be moved to the 82,500-capacity Accor Stadium due to the huge demand for tickets.

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Kilmacud Crokes

Enoch Burke