Things or People that are Box Office

Cumman Watty Graham An Ghleann

Company man Dick Clerkin

Ooh Ahh Up The Ra


Dublin club GAA



Fuck crokes

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In fairness Cuala are always very nice when we bate them.

Liverpool Football Club

Pure carnage here. Brand has some serious game - “you’re ovulating”.

The Late Late Show

Brian Lohan.

Paul Flynn

Professional footballers who are rapists

A riot.

This must be what it’s like to be French


Jim Gavin

Ciarán Murphy: Gavin’s presence a sign of football committee’s serious intent

Milton busy yesterday. He’ll probably do fuck all now for the rest of the week

But even if they recommend rule changes etc the dinosaurs will never pass them.Football is very hard to watch these days and that goes for the “top” teams as well.Its basically 15 a side basketball until the last 5 minutes when one team will need a score and have to go for it

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