Things or People that are Box Office




And its not even NFL season and the hurling is only warming up. It’s gonna be an epic few months of posting.




The Muldoons are fuming tonight :joy:


It’s been mentioned here before but it’s undeniable, the Limerick GAA thread has reached the 10k shut down mark in 11 months, box office


What’s this about?


Have I missed anything in the 9,374 unread posts I currently have on that thread?


Sean Cavanagh.


Lots of rage about Dublin’s routine dismissal of Westmeath in the Leinster final.

Favourable refereeing, unfair financial funding and one lunatic claiming Dublin employ spooks to ensure his county remain mired in mediocrity. It’s all in the all-Ireland football 2016 thread.




Donie Ryan scored 1-18 last night, other than that, no



I’m bored but I don’t think I’ll stoop that far


I presumed it was full of utter garbage from tools like @ProjectX, @Bartholemew_the_Ladd and @Balinacurra_Lad


@Balinacurra_Lad, @Ballygowan and @Tournafulla_Man are keeping it going on their own


Davy Fitz, admitted to hospital today


All the best Davy.

Advantage Clare.


Donal Og will have them well-oiled and up for it. Any lad not balls deep in the action will end up getting pulled off.




A very shit stab at humour. Report to glas for sensitivity reprogramming


Brilliant, Art. Just brilliant.