Things or People that are Box Office






I’m not a soup taker/English/loyalist. And I’m probably going get destroyed for this. But fuck it.

Prince Philip is box office.


He’s only a Greek cunt.


Is that the queens husband ?? If so. I agree.

Watched him in some documentary about his farm in Windsor, he, along with the farming programme were very good.
I believe he likes his booze too.


‘I don’t think a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing.’

‘When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.’

He doesn’t give two fucks the racist auld bastard.


Brendan Furlong.





Phil the Greek. Lolz


Cathal McCarron.


The Olympic Games


Rory McIlroy
Paddy Barnes


The O’Donovan brothers :ronnyroar:

I can’t find todays interview but it’s fucking priceless, if these lads win a medal they are going to be huge.




Paul Pogba

A few of mates think he’s the real deal, I’m not convinced but he does have the world talking about him.


from what ive seen of him i just cant make out the hype. a great athlete who shows glimpses of some good touches and can “charge” through midfield, something which can be stopped by a good tackler in there


For that money he should be a 20+ goals a year midfielder imo…

Young lads I work with think it’s a great bit of business…but I think they’re fucking brainwashed by the hype and Sky Sports etc…I’ve very little interest in the EPL anyway until the hurling is over into the 2nd week of September.

It’s like a fucking soap opera at this stage. Arguably more talented managers on the line then players on the field.


I saw him in the Euros and thought he was meh. That’s crazy money for what may turn out to be a stone useless cunt.


Crazy money for a player you gave away a few years ago