Things or People that are Box Office


Did he do wagon wheel just the once?

I was at a Paddy Casey gig in Dolans years ago and I’m sure he did Saints and Sinners three times :neutral_face:


The greatest thread in TFK history. The Runt posted a link to everyone’s Facebook page and there was murder

I can’t find the thread but I did find this post by the runt afterwards

Following on from Facehop 2010 I’ve decided to post a selection of the pm’s and instant messages I received from seething forum members.

Can you match the pm to the poster?


A. Dunph
B. Julio Geordio
C. Farmerinthecity
D. Thrawneen
E. Pikeman
F. Caoimhaoin
G. Soul Dressing
H. The Puke


Here. What’s your problem?
What the fuck are you at? Are you on drugs? Take that down
runty what are you doing with a link of my buddys facebook page
Why the fuck is my facebook page coming up on that link you have on tfk. Thats way out of line fella / I reported you to Bandage you cunt
Take that down you bollox
Get rid of that post now you fucking wanker / At least own up to it you prick… / If you don’t get rid of it in ten minutes then you’ll be banned from here for a while / Fuck you
_Why would you do that? Seriously Runt? _
What are you at Runt? Don’t recall doing anything to you at all?
3 & 6 are my favourites


It was bumped last night. I read some of it but you’d probably have had to have been there.

It has inspired quite abit of misty eyed reminiscences about TFK long go and how it’s been ruined by pictures of trainers and dinners. :cold_sweat:


The wife beater?



He has half the board seriously rattled :smile:


Trigger Foley from Fair City…bad egg that fella.




Can’t believe he hasn’t been mentioned yet and he is undoubtedly the most box office man in Ireland.

Eamon Dunphy




davey fitzgerald


Dublin SFC.


502 Bad Gateway is box office on TFK


The Offaly Senior Hurling Championship.


Anything that’s on the telly according to the easily impressed @Matty_Hislop


@Nembo_Kid is Box office. The greatest debater on this forum



The Longford Senior Football Championship.


Skellig Michael


Austin Gleeson.


DJ’s march to the White House.