Things or People that are Box Office


Neymar is at least as good as Bale probably better


That’s opinions for ya, I think Bale is better but I’m a spurs fan so there could be a little bias there.


Neymar is a better player.


Sound man, that’s that cleared up so.


The only way you’d know it was utter garbage was if you read it, or maybe someone read it to you. Thick cunt.


Batt the lad is the distilled essence of TFK


How’s tricks Batt? What did you make of last Sunday’s action?

I hear Sheedy’s head is slowly but surely being turned by the Liberties Click.


It’s ‘clique’, Liberties clique.

Sheedy will never be in Limerick in my opinion. He would be a reasonable choice, but will not be here.


Nicolas Sarkozy.


Wicklow GAA


NFL Fantasy Football

I haven’t seen this level of seethingness on the board since Facehop ll


Very enjoyable reading last night. Lovely levels of bile.


I’m gonna ask as it’s always mentioned.

What was facehop?


It was what lead to that dullard @Horsebox heading into the 51 for a row


@Atticus Finch got and awful shock when facehop 1 was launched


The man in my profile picture. Dead for the last 12 years and still box office and no manager comes near him in terms of his charisma and general aura.


The drunk?


Charisma? Was he ever sober?


Nathan Carter


Good show?