Things/People that are toxic on TFK but you don't mind in real world

Johnny Ward
Callans Kicks

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Johnny ward is sound


He’s the only good presenter on Off the Ball at the moment. Really enjoy his musings. The rest are muck.

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The only one with a passion for sport

A gentleman who is passionate and knowledgeable about Irish sports.

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Johnny Ward is a proper Galway United man.

He was very good on Dancing With The Stars too and I like his travel blogging.

A great fella.

I think Oliver Callan can be very funny.


I’d imagine he is the only one in OTB who has paid to go to a sporting event in the last year. The others would only go on a freebie or if they for corporate/premium seats.

Johnny ward is a compulsive liar and if his life depended on it he couldn’t lie straight in bed.

Give us an example there mate.

I’ll give ye Johnny Ward but fuck right off with Callan.

Why did he lose his job with in the indo.

Ward would sell his soul for a winner. Not to be trusted at all.


I have no idea who Johnny Ward is


I’d never heard of him till the last few weeks. He seems to really wind lads up on here

Is he a tinker?

I think so, he’s big into the horses anyway apparently so it’s likely

Never heard of him either. Does he write for anyone or just off the ball

Oh Jesus another horsey horse cunt who’s revered on here by the usual suspects. That’s all I needed to know.

The horsey set on here despise him.

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