Things that continue to be right


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Would depend on his political connections


Sorry that was my attempt at a suspended sentence.


:clap: :clap:


Martin Hayes on the fiddle


there is still decency in the world, I was saying it last week, I have great faith in people lately, especially young people, there are not into drinking or drugs as much as young people in my day, they have a sense of decency.


Monday night whiskey


Some good news in the ongoing fight against cancer. Dr Ronald Levy has been in the forefront of the effort to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells, and his research group at Stanford have just announced a breakthrough using two different agents injected directly into tumors. Not alone did the target tumors get destroyed, but other tumors where the cancer had metastasized were also destroyed. In studies to date, 87 of 90 mice treated were cured. A clinical trial involving 15 lymphoma patients is about to get underway.

For those that are interested we share 92% of our DNA with mice, the reason mice are used in medical research like this.


Going on a stag tomorrow so I had about 5 preparatory pints last night to get match fit. My instinct is that I got the balance perfect. I’ll have a swim today and a good night’s kip and I’ll be laughing.


It’s tonight you should be having the prep pints, pal. Last night is fuck all use to you. You’ll have to go for a few tonight now as well.


Great plan. Turn up at the stag in the horrors. That way you won’t make a pig on yourself in those first vital 3 hours and you’ll get better as the day goes on and therefore see out the session.


The last thing you want to do is turn up to a stag thirsty. A small hangover is the ideal


As a wise man once said to me “There is only one way to go to a wedding and that is fine and seedy”

The very same logic applies to a stag. Trying to go for a full day hard drinking while fresh is a recipe for disaster. It’s just like trying to do a 10k run without any exercise over the previous month and no warm up.


Getting your hair cut by a very pretty lady.


How was your chit chat game?

Did you broach the Paddy Jackson rape trial?


There was no chat other than related to the haircut which appealed even more to me.


What music was playing in the Salon?


The best way.

There would be lads on here who would make awful eejits of themselves in that situation.

Cc @Bandage



“The Salon”