Things that continue to be right…or things that float your 🐐

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What a start. :joy::sweat_drops::droplet::coffee:

The 3d view on flightradar24. Pick a helicopter in Ireland.

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Eventually broke in a new pair of shoes. Cost me a bit too. Wouldn’t give into the pain, worth it now


Having a wife with a kind heart.
I was having a coffee in cafe nero in didsbury early this morning when I noticed in the shop door opposite a homeless lad propped up under the eaves in a sleeping bag. It was fcuking freezing. I was rooting through my manbag looking for some money which I’d have given him with a quick nod before scurrying off, and not before I’d finished my coffee. I then saw my other half walking along the far pavement toward the crossing. She obviously caught sight of your man, hesitated, went looking through her bag, and went back to him to give him a few quid, but she then stood in the doorway chatting to him for about five minutes, before waving goodbye, and coming across. She Sat for coffee and didn’t mention it until I asked her about it. She then began to cry softly and said he was in fact extremely cheerful, was delighted as someone had given him a mat to sleep on and a little candle in a holder, and was heading in to the town hall for whatever reason in a while.
Seeing a kind heart in action is a lovely thing.


Yet she won’t set foot in lovely Limerick? :sleepy:
We need ye more than ever mate.

She sounds like a gem, you couldn’t make that up

She might have the kindest heart in the world but until she retracts her statement of Howth being like a shanty Welsh fishing village she’ll not get much respect from the overlords on here

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Live update from Wednesday. She has been phoned and asked for her CV in limerick.


How will ye get that translated?

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You’re welcome.

The two posters with the most amazing wives posting one after another. Could a thing be more right than that?


the smug is very strong here, the self appointed greatest fathers and greatest husbands of all time

Gender neutrality

The combined kindness of these two great families could bring about a Renaissance for Limerick.

Crayons or márla maybe so the Limerick office can make sense of it

The office is probably staffed with banjo players like yourself.


Bosca ceoil yokels.

I just found two bottles of Irn Bru that I had forgotten I bought in Edinburgh Airport 12 days ago.


Good enough for the snowflake cunts