Things that continue to be right


The eldest lad just saw the suitcases packed and realised we’re off on holidays and is running around the place like a maniac. He’s completely forgotten about the elephant dragons that woke him up this morning. They were friendly dragons though so nothing for me to worry about apparently.


Enjoy the silence


Where are you going?


Jesus Christ @flattythehurdler, dont fucking apologise whatever you do. Head off out on the piss for the day after the swim and fall back in on the couch drunk tonight. It’ll all be grand by the morning.


Enjoy the holidays bro.


The heartland of the Hutches and Brimmer Bradleys


Ballyporeen is lovely in the springtime


We’re you in the wrong or right?
Edit how wrong were you?


That just reminded me. I’ve fresh sheets on the bed for ye and the key is under the flower pot. There’s no milk but the neighbors mostly sleep in so if you get to their doorstep before they wake the milk is kind of finders keepers, first up best dressed etc.


What kind of scenarios? Do ye recreate the relegation final?


I haven’t smoked in 10 days. I miss my coffee / cigarette combo. :slightly_frowning_face:


Stick to it.
I’ll tell you a little story. We changed the cars back in February.
I got a nice little deduction of 140 notes from my salary for a full valet. I’ve cut out the smoking in the new but not the coffee. It’s a fucking killer but I’m down to a half packet a day.




Could be right, he has ‘neighbors’


This sounds a better plan.


Living full time in a town or city sounds like a nightmare. Imagine some lad cutting the lawn right next to you when you’re dying of a hangover at half 7 on a Saturday morning


Not only that but the cunt taking pleasure from it, imagine living that close to that kind of psychopath.


The same lad probably have a heart attack if the neighbours were playing a bit of music at 10 o clock that night


He’d be hopping up and down like sausages in a pan.


Ah lovely. Hanging on my every word. Another one :sheep::sheep::sheep: