Things that continue to be right


Oh look billy big balls behind the keyboard. The same lad who runs a mile after been confronted by a jack at a petrol station on his own patch​:joy::joy:





A what?


This is great


Ah fuck. 1:28 is nice.
On the other hand most of the mothers are milfs :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::nail_care:


Which means the same thing as they are all mothers.


Is there no fathers there ?




I’m ended.


Tom Ryan on 95fm in 2009. What he was saying back then couldn’t be truer now. Grand Sham.


He’s shitfaced there yeah?


Ah he had a few very valid points. He’s a gas man.


that was very embarrassing


I could only listen to a minute of it, it’s like listening to some pissed oul fella in the pub.


it was real cringe listening, I have someone like @Robert_Emmet or @The_Selfish_Giant in my head listening to that having a rant about rugby


He had a few pints


Tom does not drink


He’s a whore for a nice curranty cake, even the Gods have their vices


Video GP


Do you have to stick your finger up your own hole?