Things that continue to be right


Giddy …


Exhibit A


I head you were back


Safe travels mate, enjoy the day


Good man. You’ll know you’re home when you feel that cool misty rain on your face


Soft morning.


A grand day for a match, what’s your itinerary for the morning?


I had two sausages with toast at 7AM. On the road now, short meeting with the Nogra to discuss tactics at 11, a few pre match pints to settle the nerves, hurling, pints, pints, pints, etc.






indeed, lets see how they dream up new ways to try and thwart ODCE…


Decent public interest journalism like this?


still following shitty Holland I see.


Are you confusing Paschal Sheehy and Kitty Holland? :grin:

Why couldn’t Gemma answer the question?

Oh yeah, it’s because she’s a paranoid spoofer.


shitty retweeted it, I presume that’s where you got it.

as for pascal Sheehy, as the cork reporter where’s his hard hitting questions of the gardai in cork about their framing of an innocent man, ian bailey?


If you’re really that interested how I became aware of it, and I’ve no idea why you would be, but thanks for the interest anyway, it was because it was mentioned on this forum shortly after it happened.

In this INTERNET age, word tends to get around pretty quickly.

O’Doherty has become the Alex Jones of Irish journalism and there’s plenty enough dodgy about Denis O’Brien without her intervening to discredit proper investigative work done into him.

There’s a tough case of cognitive dissonance here for the forum’s reactionary right-wing set as regards her call for a boycott of O’Brien’s media outlets.

Where would you source all your reactionary right-wing spoofery to regurgitate here if they all folded? No Hooky? No Yatesy? No Eilis O’Hanlon? No Sindo? I suppose there would always be Niall Boylan. :wink:


What a crock of shit. You really are the libloon equivalent of 10000 monkeys with keyboards.

It must be the blurst of (Irish) times.


Yeah, good comeback.

Sure Gemma isn’t away with the fairies or anything. We all know Tony Blair was behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, or something.

O’Brien and O’Doherty are well matched. Two cunts who like nothing more than to try and silence people with legal threats, and not a word out of either should be believed.


Lke kitty Holland and her homophobia allegation against gemma now deleted. A liar and coward, no wonder you lionise kitty