Things that continue to be right


You should have said “I will not discuss the matter anymore.”

That’s what Gemma would have done.


You should delete that post. That’s what shitty would have done.


I went for a good fast run this morning before the kids got up and whatever I did my back is cracking all day long. Didnt I go down town there and buy a box of radox and had a hot bath and a half pint of red wine in the bath and the pain seems to have abated…a miracle


Just to confirm , you put red wine into a bath?


Your regression as a poster is complete


Please confirm


I confirm your regression as a poster is complete




Watching your wife get dressed ready to go out.


Going anywhere nice pal?


Which poster’s wife?


Don’t wait up


God knows what lurid tales we’ll be regaled with tomorrow. Flatty’s neighbour comes in for nightcap and…


You’re putting your hand out to be slapped here pal.


How very Eric Clapton of you


No bud. College reunion of hers in notti gham. Grovelked my way Dow m on the bike. Fcuking drudgery. Pintinh now though.


It’s true though.


Cycling back tomorrow?


Fuck that I eoyldnt cycle to the train station.


Phones should have a breathalyser