Things that continue to be right


They used do a savage Irish breakfast about 10 year ago, I used often stop in there.


Liam up close and the kitchen


Lovely worktop


Will you pour some whiskey into it?





Good God no.

I am pouring that into myself


Will ye be parading it down Father Russell Road at midnight?


Fair fucks man👍


“To be held by the winners of each All Ireland Hurling Championship” :+1:



BTW that is the real cup, the original from 1923. It was raised by christy ring, mick mackey and lory meagher.


Thought that was decommissioned long ago and just used for photo ops now, they had it outside Gills the day of the final and were charging to have the photo with it,

How did it come to be st your gaff?


Cups in high demand the last few weeks. The other one was in Birmingham for the weekend


I was jealous is all. No offence meant



It landed in the perfect spot :grinning:


French protesters.


French politicians always lacked backbone


The maginot line


I’d describe them as forgetful. The electorate gave them a gentle reminder to carry out what they were elected to do.