Things that continue to be right


You’re obviously a bit further south. You wouldn’t get 11 months here


You wouldn’t get it here either. It’s terminology basically

But cunts with “horses” will pay the rate.

But cunts as experienced as me will smell the game and plead “Rented Boss”

Vote Connors.


Ah well. I’d the opportunity to gain that sort of experience… But they were moved on


says the boy with the woolly face.




:rofl: I can’t find that video … the baklava one … it’s 1am & I’m very slightly pissed. & I’m just realising I have a lot of driving to do tomorrow (today)


Oh aye. I get it. Safe driving pal


Translate please…


I feel you could knock another nice post out of this mate?


Geez, they stayed with you for 7 week’s , no wonder they were drunk leaving😉


@Boxtyeater did airb&b for cows and in addition to gettting paid got some hooch for his troubles.


Farmers are such hooky fuckers that actually getting paid by one is a cause for great celebration.


I haven’t the first idea of what has happened here but it appears you’ve had two farmers in your house for the past two months and they’ve just gone home buckled?


Custom down here is two payments on the gale days in march and September but it typically ends up being one payment late in the year.


My new speakers arrived, my Christmas and birthday present from herself (that I paid for)
They are fucking awesome.


what will you use them for?


There will be an incoming post on one of the various technical threads about connecting these speakers up to The Internet.


Cue a connection fuck-up by Flatty and activity on the DIY thread…

Best of luck buddy .


All working with a Google audio chromecast into DAC into amp into speakers.
I was wondering can you connect a firestick via ethernet though.


Listening to “The Deluge”.