Things that continue to be right



You up for folsom blue day


Unlikely… out tomorrow so will probably have family time until Ibrox. Early flight.




Yep, will be after the race though i think


The WATTS episodes on Europsort every Xmas. Very funny viewIng.



And there she blows


You’re in the big leagues now mate


Senior hurling Mike. Every man for himself now.


Good man Mike, the original few must be seething with the recent influx :grinning:


If you’ve got it flaunt it


Re-runs of Whose Line is it Anyway on YouTube.


The mother in law does absolutely everything for the father in law. Ridiculous shit, he’d be sitting at the table doing nothing and she’d be running around making him sandwiches and tea and then cleaning up after him. Real old school.
Anyway about twice a year she goes over to the sister in England for a week and leaves him to fend for himself. Generally what happens is his daughters take up the slack and cook him dinner for the few nights but for various reasons they were unavailable this week so he was on his todd.
We came up tonight to check in on him and there was an absolute mountain of washing up. I’d say he hasn’t washed a dish since she left Monday (and this in a house that’s normally impeccable). He was cooking the tea for himself and he couldn’t manage at all, he was doing sausages, rashers, beans and potato bread. And he basically cooked them all one at a time. I’d say everything bar the rashers which were last out were stone cold by the time he sat down. He’d to ask my missus to open the tin of beans for him aswell as he couldn’t use the can opener :joy:
The best of the lot though was when we walked in the door, herself saw a load of pots and pans in the corner of the kitchen on the floor and asked him what that was about.
“I wasn’t sure what way they went back in the press, so I said I’d leave em there for your mother to sort out”

He’s it handy out the fucker


thats fairly pathetic to be honest


That is for sure mate.


Has he heard of Huel?


Can you put it on spuds?


It’s a balanced meal in powder form. So it must already contain sshpuds


Peeling spuds, glass of red wine and listening to cheesy 80s songs at full belt


I was chatting to a lady on Friday evening who is high up in man utd, but volunteers at the christie.
Juan mata approached her before Christmas and asked her how many kids were in the cancer ward for Christmas. She enquired and told him 23. He asked her to call to his house on the Sunday before Christmas, and 23 signed jerseys were waiting for her to give out. Not a PR person or journalist in sight.