Things you know about Ewan McKenna

English is not his strong point.

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[s]@[/s][b]LCreighton[/b] tells Reuters 50-50 chance of referendum. Hours later tells RTE this isn’t true. Yet another lier in Dail ready to screw us

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Reacheing worrying conclusions about journalism.Ill thought out offence gets reaction,not interesting hard work.Plus cheaper and quicker.Sad
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Why do you guys find this guy offensive? Have i missed something?

The Gambler is supposed to be excellent, but i read Daragh and thought it was very disappointing. That could though have more to do with the way Daragh is than the author. The only thing i got from it is Daragh has issues with Paudi. Having said that O’ Se has become a half decent football commentator…most of the time.

Read a few of his comments on twitter and its hard to disagree with some of what he says, even if the context could be misleading for me.

Kev, <…vague comment from Mac that might best be removed…>


Very subtle Mac.


Totti, <…vague comment from Mac that might best be removed…>

cant see this thread ending up too well

hi ewan

Who the fuck is this no mark? I know nothing about him , or is it a her? Is Ewan one of those unisex names like Leslie or Kevin?

think you got a bit confused between this thread and the 'slyly insinuate libelous things on an anonymous forum about Ewan McKenna when youve had a few pints’thread.

Awww shit. Mac’s been drinking again.

Mac could get sued for that post

Agree with you mAC

That nose will get some doing in prison.

Ewan’s taking it in good grace, he seems an alright sort. Unlike Mac. :rolleyes:

Ewan McKenna? Wasn’t he in that movie Trainspotting?

Jesus, don’t remember posting that. Delete as needed mods

Do you have anything to say to Mr. McKenna?

Missed this. I’ll take a PM, Mac

Eh Kev, I removed this for a reason.

Still no apology to Mr MacKenna from Mac?

Those following @thefreekick on Twitter will see Mr MacKenna and Rocko are in advanced discussions about the former Sunday Tribune scribe joining TFK as guest columnist.

All that remains to be agreed is the fee we’ll charge him to have his work published.