Things you may not know about Mac

He raised almost €50k for underage gaa in wexford through specific events over the last 5 odd years.


He recently attended a craft beer festival in Dublin.

He is Gman

He cycles 100km a day on his way to the swimming pool where he swims 5km back crawl and 5km front crawl, he then does a charity 10km run on his way home.

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He just had a stroke.

He is mates with some geek who wouldn’t hurl spuds to ducks but who does lots of programming for a GAA website.

That he has been to Lahinch

He is infertile- This could be largely down to the 100k cycle he does daily to the swimming pool but we don’t know as he refuses to give it up as the funds he raises from the 10k charity run immediately after his swim just about keeps Wexford underage GAA afloat.



He’s not the Messiah.

He does charitable things for recognition and expects something in return (All Ireland tickets)

His father in law stands outside the Gresham, expecting people to offer him tickets.

he has a lose longer than the millennium spire

He could go on and on.

mac has an app that he uses to track the calories he consumes eats days and the calories burnt each day

he swears by this although recently he was left in a tizzy when at a craft beer festival in lahinch recently the app didnt recognize one of the bespoke beers he drank and his calculations were thrown out for the day

all of it sponsored of course

His views on racing correlate with those ofThe Voice

He is a Protestant.