Thinking of heading to Russia

What a nation! :clap:


The Tank that saved the world


Driven into battle by the people who made them

One forum member here spent 18 months living in Moscow and loved it anyway, can’t remember who it was, Farmer will know. As far as I’m aware it’s very expensive though.

Never fancied it myself despite them having the second best national anthem in the world.

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yeah, ive been to Nizhny Novgorod working for max periods of 2 weeks, been there 4 times
Nizhny is about 4 hours from moscow and is like an industrial center ao its pretty drab.
Moscow is an amazing city, the women are stunning but are horrible moody bitches and u will dfinitly get the ride w/o much effort as the birds assume a western man is rich and that u will marry them ( obviously one needs to be prepared for such eventualities as they are vey obsessive women). From my experience many russian birds are into relationships just for the cash, its the way they are brought up, the boys find a job, the girls marry a rich man, thats how they support their families as there is no social welfare and then in general they expect you to put up their extended family in your gaff in europe and get them visas.
im quite sure that is a horrendous generalisation there but i know 2 lads who got burnt badly with Russians, for one lad it was a bird he met with me in Nizhny and another fella did an Art Fooley on it and met his wife on the internet with disastrous consequences.
fear not however, most decent hotels will have hookers come knocking on your door looking for business or else calling ur room

Moscow and petersburg are obviously their main cities, outside of these places it is a very poor countrty, one thing that really struck me about russia is that very few ppl can speak english, up until about 1995 it was not thought in schools for obvious reasons and even now most young people cant speak it at all. very little english signage also, everything is in cyrillic russian,
Corruption is everywhere, if u are on ur own u will be ripped of left right and center but sure its all part of the experience…

i defintitly reccomend a trip however.
there is aome amazing sites and it is a HUGE country, i believe Siberia is meant to be amazingly scenic and i have heard great reports about this place

its an amazing country, iv always wanted to do a trip to the caucases ato see places like Chechnya and Dagestan. i beleiev aidan macgeady was in chechnya last week playing against Terek Grozny for Spartak

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dont go to st petersberg if you want to get a true feeling of russian life - this city is a testament to Peter the greats ego & was built so as to mimic the great europena cities of the time- it just doesnt have a russian feel imho

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Paul McShane will feel right at home

over there for Ireland qualifier next year should be good

Soviet troops in Stalingrad were ill-disposed to wearing helmets, believing them to be an indication of cowardice. They preferred the pilotka (side cap).

men AND women!

Russia have tested 156000 people 200 odd cases .