This is big

Was edited Rocko,

Think fellas are getting carried away. As far as i can see no names were mentioned and it is just a bit of high-jinks. From what has been posted you couldn’t pin this on any one player, club or even county. And we still don’t know if it’s about a horse or a match FFS.

It’s a match alright Dunph. You won’t be surprised when you hear the culprit.

I would disagree Dunph. I would be pretty certain that everyone was thinking of the same player in above post. Regardless, the thread was heading in a poor direction.

I agree fenway, we’re more of a premier board than that, we don’t need this malarky. In fact I would say that we’re the core of the internet, a bit like google.

I’ll take a pm on what was said earlier pls.

This is a load of cock

Is this about a prominent inter county hurler who allegedly pens a weekly article for a prominent national newspaper?

Is it the major?

He’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy.

I saw the thread right when it was started and didn’t see any names mentioned…?

Everyone knows who it was.

Beggar…Gimme, Gimme, Pls Boss…Tinkerish…

True, but I don’t know what Fenway is talking about regarding someone editing something.

PM please

Galway footballers have been involved in betting scams before.

I’ll take a PM too. These stories come around every now and again.

A man of the match award, when it was phone in?

What sort if a semple tosspot thought he could get away with this?

PM’s please.