This Weekend's GAA Predictions


Donegal vs Armagh - Armagh by 2 or 3: I never underestimate Armagh and though they’ll miss Ronan Clarke and despite Donegal’s excellent league campaign I think their ability to grind out big results in Ulster might tell in the end. 6 titles in 8 years says it all really.

Louth vs Wicklow - Wicklow by 4: Micklow should have been out of sight before Louth got the late goal last week. Louth won’t be as bad again but equally Micklow should take heart and belief from how well they played. They can build on that performance.

London vs Leitrim - London by 2: There’s a touch of Milan vs Liverpool about this with London’s flair and imaginination coming up against a limited, hardworking Leitrim side. Class to tell in the end.


Clare vs Cork - Cork by 6: Cork haven’t impressed under new management yet but neither have Clare. Playing without the likes of Fitzgerald, Lohan, McMahon and Griffin means Clare are almost blooding a new spine to their team against a battle hardened side like Cork. Can’t see them getting close to Cork who are a fairly slick, experienced side at this stage.

Down vs Derry - Down by 3: Derry’s 3rd game in 3 weeks to count against them while Down should benefit from last week’s outing.

I’m going to start up the GAA Predictions competition later Bandage - see if we can’t generate some interest. There will be a prize in September for the person with the most points accumulated.

How’s this coming along, rocko?

It’d be good to have it done by today so the PAYE workers can lodge their predictions before leaving their computers for the weekend.

The eagle eyed among ye may have spotted a new link on the left hand side for GAA predictions yesterday. Due to huge technical difficulties (it’s a beast to administer) I’ve pulled the plug on it for this week at least but I’ll have it sorted for next week.

If the job’s too big for you then there’s no shame in resigning, rocko. Just think Kevin Keegan the time England lost to Germany in Wembley.

Let’s be having all your predictions for this weekend in this thread then.

Donegal, Louth and Leitrim to win.

Donegal, Micklow, Leitrim, Cork and Down.