Those of dubious character

Maybe I’m just a Kilkenny man where we don’t get into that kind of play-acting.

TJ is the biggest culprit in the game for buying frees.

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I wouldnt be throwing stones about what Kilkenny forwards do.

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I trust this is being said with your tongue in your cheek.


Exactly my thoughts chief.

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On the field of play I was talking about.


You’ve made a fool of yourself here.

David Clifford

For a dubious character he seems to be in your head rent free


Maybe that explains why he wasn’t to be seen in croke park earlier?

I wouldn’t know I was footing turf

What way is it?

Will need another week I’d say, but it’s not mine so not my decision to make

Same. Tis good turf weather all the same. No point it drying too quick.

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He lost his mother not that long ago.

Questioning his character is a bit much,


Th treatment he gets is ridiculous. It’s what the game is now but it’s fucking dreadful to watch.

Up to management to find a way to utilise him. Jack was out of ideas


What treatment?

He hadn’t lost her when himself and his fellow kerry cowards were marking out shane mcguigan for dirty hits.

Ah go way will ya.