Throne of Games - The Greatest Story Ever Told - Winter is here


Some episode this week. Best of the series so far.

The scenes between Tywin and Ayra are outstanding. Theon is completely losing the run of himself and the bits between Ygritte and Jon Snow were quality as well.


Watched it last night.

Good episode, although there was a switch of emphasis, very little focus on Tyrion, no Baelish or Stannis. Those Qarth fuckers are creepy as hell. Theon is pure evil. I don’t like the Jon Snow storyline at all - I find it boring.


The John Snow story is one of the better ones in the book. It has been skipped over somewhat for tv.


When’s this thread going to the dungeon, Dunph?


[spoiler] good episode, jon snow is moving a bit slowly alright. theres no way theon has killed bran and ricon.
as said above those qarth fuckers are crazy,

Stannis seems to be taking months to get to kings landing, id imagie next weeks episode will be all about the war, and danaerys plot to attack westeros.



Game of Faggots


Boom and he knocks it out of the park :clap:


[quote=“chewy louie, post: 673877”]

Boom and he knocks it out of the park [/quote]
This has taken off almost as well as clipe :clap:


I’d imagine the last episode of the series will be entirely about Stannis attacking King’s Landing.


It’ll hardly take him another two episodes to get there though.

I think that will happen in the next episode in conjunction with the Starks trying to take back Winterfell.


I’d say you’d like to attack his landing


You may be right. Presumably the final episode will deal with the aftermath.


That must have sounded better in your head.


Ah come on now. Really?




The latest episode was wonderful, covered all bases and it sets the next episode up to be a blockbuster. Jaqen H’ghar is my favourite character in it. His honourable ways remind me a little of myself. Cersei Lannister is pure evil. :shakefist:


The Jon Snow story is not being played out too well but you can’t have it all.


I thought it picked up a little this week.


In the book, the story of the other crows and the night walkers is central to the story. You don’t get that same sense here.

Fine body on Robbs bird, about time she got it out.


[font=tahoma][size=3]Jaqen H’ghar a great character, a man must do what a man must do.[/size][/font]

[font=“tahoma”][color="#666666"][size=3]what the fuck is Catelyn at? im only half way thourhg the first book, so if you know dont tell me. if youre specualting id welcome the theory…[/size][/font]