anyone know what thurles is like to go drinking in? probably going to go to the two matches on saturday and on the beer afterwards…heard mixed reports…some say its a slaughterhouse come the midnight hour…

As Bandage might put it, “they’re quare rough down there”.

really? even the day of a match with so many transients about…would the locals not down tools for the day thats in it and join in the carnival atmosphere??

not the greatest to be honest…nightclub in hayes hotel isn’t too bad for a country disco…park avenue is a nice spot down by the train/bus station and does a nice bit of food…id say the pubs/nightlife wouldnt be too hectic there…

Pretty much what puke said, Hayes isn’t bad, but the rest of it is dreary enough.

What are ye on about lads, Thurles is some spot for a night out. I often go out there and never had a bad night or seen a hint of trouble. The County, Morriseys are good spots, The Monks up the town isnt bad. Hayses Bejaysus then to get wrecked on sambuca!

to be honest only judging thurles by the night i had there…would rate the likes of loughrea and tullamore as way better country towns to go out in…

Ah ya, well as a town Thurles is shite, as is most of the towns in Tipp, but the few pubs arent bad. The live bands in Hayses are always good.

went out in Thurles a good few times, friend used to live there. Would have good aul craic, but much like the craic you’d have getting really scuttered and hopping off lads when pissed. Last time there and the “queue” into Hayes’, and what that entails is a big crowd of people waiting outside the door and a heap of lads at the back turned away from the door and pushing as hard as they can against the crowd to move them forward. Altho when there is no where to go all that happens is a big cattle crush. wouldnt mind that craic a few years back, but couldnt be bothered with it now.

Was on the piss on Liberty Square tonight, in Brennan’s watching racing and drinking porter, there was an awful blowhard in there giving out about emigrants (you know the type) saying they had taken over the country and he couldn’t get work because of them (same fella would find an excuse not to work as quick as you could say Jimminy Cricket). By Christ twas bad enough listening to him in the pub before an U21 match but by Jeezus if he wasn’t on the train back to Dublin on my way home, ended up giving this fella from Meath (unlucky enough to be sitting beside him) awful abuse simply because he didn’t agree that the emigrants were the scourge of the nation, yer man foolishly told him he was from Meath, well if he didn’t sarcastically mention the ‘Royal’ county once, he didn’t mention it a hundred times, fcuked him out of it told him there were only ‘orange bastards’ above in Meath. Jaysus it got ugly. The Guard (fella in charge of the shop) on the train had to intervene in the end.

Any report on the match SS? I was a on a job until late last night and only got the score this morning on the wireless.

I never took any great shine to Hayes any time I was there. the live music part can be alright, but the dance part was just wall to wall scumbags off their heads.

The Factory is the live bands side and The Icon is the dance music side. You wouldnt go boppin around the Icon in your good shirt and Tommy jumpers, some lads in there can harldy see the tip of their nose they’d be so out of it. The factory side is good oul craic though.

Tipp were lucky enough to come away with the win Runt, we spurned two good chances to equalise at the end. Callinan was kept very quiet, Limerick finished the strongest but the first half goal won the game for Tipp.

That tool on the radio this morning said it was a late goal for Tipp that won it. Pity, a win last night could have salvaged something for the year.

sure there is always the football and camogie…

I’d love if the footballers could do it Saturday evening but I can see it being another valiant failure. Even when the football was going well a few years ago we could never get through the qualifiers.
I’ll be honest I don’t follow the camogie at all.

I’ve done a photofit in case any of ye see it out and about. @carryharry


Makes a change to see Leahy getting the head taken off him rather than taking the head off somebody else